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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catch up on Kelly's trip to ISWEEP

Update on


What an exciting trip Kelly is on.
Check out her updates on her blog.

Kelly's entry titled "The use of an Australian Polymer to prevent water leakage in South African water-holding facilities.

ISWEEEP 2012 Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was fantastic, and amazing. Different cultures performed different dances (read more)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sponsoring Young Scientists in the Making

A rather  large  document  arrived at our office about 6 weeks ago from  a young  girl  by the name of  Kelly Ann Long who lives in South Africa.

Kelly  decided  to  use   Water$ave Plug for her science experiment.

She entered the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists competition with her entry titled "The use of an Australian Polymer to prevent water leakage in South African water-holding facilities." (available soon)

Kelly was awarded gold at the Regional Science Expo and then chosen to participate at the National Science Expo,where she was also awarded gold. Kelly also receiving The Water Division Gold Award from SAICE as a special award and from 552 projects was chosen as 1 of 3 students to represent South Africa at the ISWEEEP (International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering and Environment Project Olympiad) International Science Fair in May 2012 at Texas, USA.

We are truly amazed at the work and effort that Kelly has put into this project and upon receiving a copy of her assignment, we jumped at Kelly's request for help by sponsoring her on this once in a lifetime trip.

Kelly has a mature passion for science which is evident in the extent and quality of her project. Gold medals are a testament to this.  We wish Kelly the best of luck at ISWEEEP but clearly she is the type of person to make her own luck.
Enjoy the trip Kelly!!! 
Kelly Ann Long
Follow Kelly's blog about her ISWEEEP trip to the USA.

 Scientific Experiment meets Fun Experience 

Read Kellys account of how it all started here

We have also extended an invitation to Kelly to come and visit with us at Polymer Innovations which she has accepted and we will update on her visit as it nears.